Browse – Framer Template


Browse is a prebuilt SaaS software for Curators – made in Framer.

It's an advanced directory and curation template for Framer, allowing your customers to bookmark your curations like websites, products, fonts, and designs. You name it. Your directory is stored in the Framer CMS. Editing is just too easy here. Add and maintain your curations in seconds. Literally.

There is more:

  • Membership & Auth powered by Outseta

  • Pricing plans for quick monetization

  • An integrated blog to boost your SEO

  • Automatic Theming for Light & Dark Mode (can be removed)

  • Submissions Form (Powered by MagicForm)

View Demo Website


  • Browse needs a Framer Pro hosting plan (you get 3 free months on a Pro annual subscription after purchase).

  • Additionally, you need an Outseta subscription, if you want to use the optional membership feature to make money with this SaaS and enable bookmarking as a feature.

  • To make the submission form work, you also will need a MagicForm plan. We left you a discount for this as well)

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